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Thread: Solved MCQs of Sociology CSS-2011:

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    Solved MCQs of Sociology CSS-2011:

    1.Who said Man is social animal?
    2.Who called sociology social Physics?
    a.Auguste Comte
    3.Bourgeois type of society was introduced by:
    b.Krl Marx
    4.When cultural traits spread from one society to another,the process is called:
    a.Assimilation b.Diffusion c.Pluralism d.Evolution
    5.An ascribed status is one that is:
    a.Awarded by society
    6.Ethnoism means:
    a.Superiorty of ones own culture. b.Inferiorty of ones own culture
    c.Both of these.
    7.A system in which one husband is married to many women is called:
    8.Levirate means:
    c.None of these
    9.Joint family may be preferred because it has:
    a.Greater Financial Security b.Division of Labour
    c.Workable as a cooperative organization d.All of these
    10.Which of the following is not a major feature of Capitalism?
    d.Equitable distribution of income
    11.Movement from rural to urban area is called:
    12.Religion is a unified system of belief and practices relative to sacred things.The definition has been given by:
    13.Rapid growth of Urbanization is due to advancement in:
    14.Whose statement is this "Where there is life there is a society".
    b.Herbert Spencer
    15.Who developed the "Organic Theory of Society"?
    a.Herbert Spenser
    16.What does culture usually reflect in Modern Society?
    d.Religious Culture
    17.Customs are powerful in regulating the conduct of people in:
    d.Industrialized Societies
    18.Which one of these is not an essential element of Community:
    d.Individual interests
    19.Norms in a society indicate:
    a.Normal standard of social behaviour
    20.Which one of the following is not a healthy social process?

    Corrections are invited........

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