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Thread: Important Questions for CSS 2011 by Toppers academy

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    Cool Important Questions for CSS 2011 by Toppers academy

    Important Questions for CSS 2011 by Toppers academy

    Essay CSS 2011

    1. Independence of Judiciary.
    2. Role of Media: Socio-political, religious and economic effects. Sensationalism in Electronic Media
    3. Role of Pakistan and extremism, causes, effects and solutions. Army operation in FATA and US attacks, question of Sovereignty.
    4. Pakistan Economy. Cause, effects and solutions of crisis. Poverty alleviation program, roaring Inflation, IMF loans and future stratifies.
    5. National Integration: FATA and Balochistan Crisis, ethnic rift in Sindh and NWFP, question of Provincial Autonomy and Center.
    6. Clash of Civilization and hidden objectives of the West. Western bias against Islam, Islam is religion of peace.
    7. Miserable plight of Muslim Ummah.
    8. Social Problems of Pakistan.
    9. Women condition in Pakistan-problems, causes, effects, solutions, legislation, empowerment, status in Islam.
    10. Lack of Good Governance.
    11. Global Warming.
    12. Education Reforms in Pakistan.

    Current Affairs CSS 2011
    1. Pak-India relationship. Diplomatic and military strategic of Pakistan.
    2. Challenges faced by Pakistan’s foreign policy.
    3. Energy Crisis in Pakistan, causes, effects and solutions.
    4. Study of Organization: SAARC, OIC, ASEAN, SCO, Evaluation of their Performance.
    5. Geo-Strategic Importance of Pakistan-Context of Persian Gulf, Chinese involvement and Gwadar project.
    6. Palestinian Struggle against Israeli occupation. Future of peace process.
    7. Pak-Afghanistan relationship, NATO attacks and uncontrolled resistance by Taliban’s, accusation against Pakistan, US exit plan. 8. US policy in Middle East, Iraq, Syria for Greater Israel and politics of Oil.
    9. Economic and Political emergence of China and emerging cold war with US.
    10. US-India partnership and its implication for Pakistan.
    11. Devastating effects of 2010 Floods, and the way towards rehabilitation and infrastructure.
    12. Kashmir Crises
    13. Agricultural Problems
    15. US-India Relationships 16. New US policy for Afghanistan.
    17- IMF loans and future stratifies.
    18- Balochistan Crisis.
    19-18th Ammendment.
    20- Pak-Afghan-India Transit Trade.

    Important Questions of Islamiyat:

    1- Concept of jihad in islam, nomenclature of extremism,radicalism,fundamentalism.
    2- Sources of Islamic shariah, legislation in Islam and enforcement; critical analysis of the movement for enforcement of shariah in Pakistan for example Thehrik e nafaz e shariat Muhammadi.
    3- Islamic judicial system and Islamic laws, responsibility of judiciary.
    4- Rights of women in Islam and the prevailing situation in Pakistan.
    5- Political system of Islam, concept of public welfare and responsibility of state.
    6- Islamic accountability system.
    7- Concept of philanthropy in Islam, Islamic system of zakat and fund raising in today's world.
    8- Rights of minorities with special reference to huqooq ul ibaad, religious laws and their misuse.
    9- Concept of democracy in Islam.
    9- Quran, need of understanding its meaning and true application of it.
    10- Madrisah system in Pakistan its merits and demerits.

    Important Questions for Pakistan Affairs

    Q1.Was Khilafat movement is a disaster in Indo Pak history or an impetus to strengthen Muslim Nationalism?
    Q2.Congress ministries sowed the seed of independence in the heart of Muslim’s. Discuss?
    Q3.Did debacle of East Pakistan negate two nation theories? Discuss?
    Q4.How can we strengthen democracy in Pakistan and abstract the way of another military coup?
    Q5.Comprehensively discuss the issue of Baluchistan and provincial autonomy. How far government has been successful to handle it sagaciously? What measures do you recommend?
    Q6.Do you think Pakistan is heading towards brink of disintegration? Can history, Fall of Decca”, repeat itself? Suggest measures to ensure national integration?
    Q7.What major policy shifts are required in our foreign affairs in strengthening and asserting our due significance in “War against Terrorism”?
    Q8.What flow can we revamp in our management and economic sector in order to make Pakistan a rich country?
    Q9.Majority of sectors of Pakistan are rife with corruption. Suggest strategies to curb this menace.
    Q10.Aligarh, Deoband and Nadwa-tul-Ulema had contradicting approach; but same was the goal. Discuss?
    Q11.Sheikh Ahmad Sir hind was the pioneer of Ideology of Paksitan.Analyse critically?

    Important Questions of Sociology

    Q1.In what context your values are similar with your parents, in what context they differ. Justify the reasons of similarities and differences?
    Q2.Why is social change important for society?
    Q3.What are change resisting factors in Pakistan?
    Q4.Why caste system is strong in political system of Pakistan?
    Q5.Discuss different agents of personality Development with special reference to role of social groups?
    Q6.How individual, society and culture are is interlinked .Analyze comprehensively?
    Q7.Rate of urbanization in Pakistan increasing day by day. What impacts doest it have on urban as well as rural community?
    Q8.What role Religious institution can play in alleviating extremism, frustration and terrorism within the society?
    Q9.Suggest remedies for poverty in Pakistan?
    Q10.Why is rate of Juvenile Delinquency raising day by day in Pakistan. How can we overcome it?
    Q11.How can u ensure better social control ion Pakistan? Discuss all the informal and formal agencies that can play a role in this context?
    Q12.To what extent drug abuse is prevalent in Pakistan? How many rehabilitation centers are serving against this menace? What measures at social level do you suggest?
    Q13.Discuss Karl Marx Labor’s theory in detail?
    Q14.In light of theoretical perspectives (Hegal, Mars, Coser, Mills) explain true nature of conflict. Discuss various forms of pervasive conflict in Pakistan society?
    Q15.What is Research Design? What type of research design can be used for studying problems of child abuse in Pakistan? Discuss with example?

    Important Questions For Journalism

    Q 1.Define communication, process of communication and barrier in communication?
    Q2. Write a note on development / Role of Muslim press in sub-continent?
    Q3. Advertising is said to be the backbone of business. Discuss process, importance and ethics of advertising?
    Q4. What is news? Write about elements and characteristics of news?
    Q5. What is Public Relation? Write about Public Relation officer?
    Q6. What role mass media can play in the society? Write down code of ethics for mass media?
    Q7.Write a note on role/duties of a sub-editor?
    Q8.Write a note on Magazine Journalism in Pakistan?
    Q9.Discuss a column, important characteristics of a column writing in Pakistan?
    Q10. Write a note on Press conference, Press note, and Press release?

    Important Questions For Muslim Law And Jurisprudence CSS 2011
    Q1.What are essential ingredients of a valid gift differentiate between gifts and will?
    Q2.What are the essentials of valid Muslim marriage, from what circumstances in the absence of direct proof, may marriage be presumed?
    Q3.Why Islamic Law is inclined towards harsh punishments, explain your answer with regard to Hadd, Tazir and Qisas?
    Q4.What are primary and secondary sources of Islamic Law?
    Q5.What is dower? How it is fixed? What is prompt and deferred dower?
    Q6.Is there any difference between divorce and dissolution of marriage? What grounds are available for dissolution of marriage / Muslim law?
    Q7.What is Guardianship, differentiate between right of custody and right of guardianship and under what circumstances the mother is not entitled to the custody of her minor children?
    Q8.Discuss traditional sources of revenue of an Islamic state?
    Q9.What are the ingredients of a valid contract / Islamic Law?
    Q10.What are the qualifications of a competent witness? Discuss the status of a woman as witness?
    Q11.What is meant by acknowledgement of paternity, what are valid conditions of such acknowledgement?
    Q12.Write a comprehensive note on Islamization of laws in Pakistan?
    Q13.Discuss the following:
    a. shura and sovereignty Islamic law?
    b.Object and scope of DMMA 1939
    c.Critical analysis of MFLO 1961
    d.Can modern legislative be considered for consensus of opinion?
    e.Influence of Roman law on Islamic law
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    Re: Important Questions for CSS 2011 by Toppers academy

    any guess work for 2012 css examination?
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