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Thread: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

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    Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    Total time: 25 mins
    interview center:Islamabad
    Optional subjects: economics, indopak history, urdu

    Questions after a very warm welcome....

    By Chairman
    1:what is the meaning of your name?
    2:your previous academic record is brilliant, why u failed in css 2009?
    3:you participated in baitbazi competitions, share any couplet of ghalib
    4:share any couplet of mir taqi mir
    5lease complete this couplet..wajood e zun se ha tasweer-e-kainat main rang
    6lease complete this couplet..bht log juda hoe aik tm bh sahi
    7:your specialization is HRM, what is its importance in bringing change?
    8:In this male domnated society why u selected dmg as top preference as the environment of kpk is conservative?
    9:what is global warming?
    10:global warming and climatic change are same things or different?
    11:u mentioned in psychological that u are not very caring regarding ur health..why as health is wealth
    12:your psychological report reflects that you are a contented person...what do u think?

    second member
    1:you opted economics, will to tell us what are factors of production?
    2:if we give you dmg..what steps you prefer for eridication of corruption?
    3:who is the pioneer of azad nazm?
    4:books of hussain azad?
    5:Venezuelan President?
    6resident of kenya?
    7:how to regain microeconomic stability?
    8:changes u want in agriculture?

    Third member
    1:you rated change in syllabus at top in reforms u want...explain
    2:how can we manage fiscal deficit?
    3:what is START?
    4: why Russia is reluctant to sign the agreement?
    5: tell us about child protection bill?

    Fourth member
    1: how would u solve the problems of people after getting dmg? what strategy would u apply?
    2: what is mudrassah system?
    3:what type of students they are producing?
    4: what are the areas mentioned in transparency report where pakistan is doing corruption? what methods they use?
    5: what was munsabdari system?

    i tried to recall all...but still there are few which i dropped and dunt remember of luck

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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    Mr. Ayaz Afridi took his interview today; there's what he shares


    -Constitutional Amendment 18, 19

    -China as a rising power

    -India's permanent membership as a veto power

    -Pakistan and Afghan relations

    -Touched economy superficially and asked about the contribution of IT, Telecom and other service industries to Pakistan's economy.

    -(some part of the interview's same as psycological part)

    -lasted for 32 minutes

    -He advises to study the daily Dawn.

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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    Mr Hasan's experience:

    -blasphemy law
    -Aman ki asha
    -China vs US (economically)
    -some general terms like GDP, fiscal deficit

    Overall he rates that 90% of his interview was from economy; even when his subjects were not related to economy.

    His suggestions:
    -study FBR's report (Economy of Pakistan 2009-2010)
    -study Budget's report

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    Interview of Khurshid. A. Mahsud

    Mr Bhagwan Dass(BD): What is your place of birth?

    Sir, it is Makin, south Waziristan.

    BD : You had your early education at a boarding school in Abbottabad.

    Yes Sir.

    BD : You have done LLB.

    Yes Sir.

    BD : What is Rule of Law? What is supremecy of Constitution?

    Sir, it is a concept which says that everone should be equal before law and there should be no arbitrary rule. It protects the fundamental rights and liberties of the people.

    Sir, what was your second question?

    BD (smiling): what is supremecy of constitution?

    Sir, it means that constitution can only be amended according to the procedure laid down in the constitution itself.
    Here BD and i had an arguments session, i was talking one thing he was talking something else. Could not understand what he was asking.I gotconfused.

    BD: ok, tell me what amendments would you suggest in the constitution?

    Sir, the presidential immunity should be deleted because it is against the principles of justice in Islam.

    BD: What other amendments?

    Sir, this is the only one i have in my mind at the moment.

    BD: You have mentioned bad health as one of your weaknesses, explain.

    Sir,i think i should put on some weight. I am sort of skinny.

    BD (smiling): What is your age?

    Sir, 28 .

    BD: What is your weight?
    Sir, 55 kg.

    BD: Why you cant gain some weight?
    Sir: sir i have a bad appetite.

    BD: You say your other weakness is Procrastination, explain.

    Sir, sometimes i delay doing things that i should do. For example, i would often submit my fee on the closing date during my university days and at times it caused problems for me.

    BD: so how would you perform in DMG because there you can not afford such attitude?

    Sir, atleast i know my weakness and when you know your weakness you are in a better position to handle it. So i hope i will handle it.

    BD: What is ASEAN? What are its aims?

    Sir, it is Association of South East Nations, a regional group that aims for better cooperation in the fields of mutual relations, trade, economics,drug traficking, terrorisim etc.

    BD: What is the currency of EU?

    Sir, it is euro.

    BD: Here he asked me something about Greece economy and its relation with Euro. It was a very difficult question. I could not understand so i said sorry.

    BD: Why Eu is not granting membership to Turkey And Switzerland?

    Sir, Eu is not satisfied with Turkey's laws especially with regard to human rights. Secondly, the cyprus issue is also o thorny dispute between EU and Turkey. With regard to Switzerland I have no idea.

    BD: ok, thank you.

    Sohail Sufdar(SS):What is the situation in South Waziristan?

    Sir, the army is conducting operation there. The people have migrated to the neighbouring cities of Bannu,Dikhan etc.The army is heavily building infrastructure there.

    SS: Why Pakistan Army is reluctant to launch operation in North Waziristan?

    Sir, South Waziristan is not stable yet and launching an operation in North waziristan without first stabilising South Waziristan will be a blunder.

    SS: How long will it take to stabilise South Waziristan?

    Sir, a decade at least.

    SS(surprised): Explain?

    Sir, South Waziristan has been a stateless region since 1947, and it will take a lot of efforts to implant state institutions and infrastructure in the region.

    SS: You have European History as an optional subject. Who started Reformation?

    Sir, Martin Luther.

    SS: What were his ideas?

    Sir, basically he exposed the vice of the church. He said that the institution of Church was not following the true christian faith. He nailed his famous 10 commandments to the door of a church, which were against the corruption in Church.

    SS: What was its Effects?

    Sir, it was the starting point of the movement for the separation of church from state.

    SS: He asked me some latin term from holy roman church period?

    Sir, i have no idea about this.

    SS: It refers to the letter that the pope would give to people telling them that they would go to heavens.

    Oh yes sir yes sir, i remember. (SS) smiling.
    Sir it was a sort of certificate that the church would sell to ordinary people.

    SS: What do you like about Asma Jahangeer? ( My Fav Personality)

    Sir, she has always stood by the persecuted sections of our society: women,minorities,children etc. She opposed every dictator and it was her courage during anti-zia campaign that earned her the title " little Heroine".
    she is the first Woman president of SCBA. In a male dominated society such achievements are very impressive.

    SS: What was her famous statement after the SCBA elections?

    Sir, she declared that she was not a gov candidate and she also warned judiciary of interfering in executive affairs and political matters.

    SS: She is president of SCBA and she is giving statement against judiciary. Is it not bad.

    Sir, while i may not completely reject her statement as harsh, i do know that she should not have given such public statements about judiciary. She should have followed a formal procedure by writing to the CJP instead of giving public statements. Yes she has comitted this mistake.

    SS: Still you like her?

    Yes sir, because humans do make mistakes.

    SS: How do you see situation in Afghanistan in the next three years?

    Sir it is very uncertain future. The sole super power of this world is itself not sure about it.I feel US does not have any idea about how to control situation there. They say partial withdrawl of troops would start this year but on the other hand they are sending more troops to the region.They talk about defeating Taliban in Helmand and Kandahar by military means and then talk of dialogue as well.They want to leave but they know that leaving Afghanistan without stabilising it would be a disaster. So i think US will not withdraw from Afghjanistan in near future.

    General Awais (GA):What are the drawbacks of 18th and 19th amendments?

    Sir, my only objection is the eradication of compulsory intra-party elections clause.

    GA: Why have they deleted this?

    Sir it shows that our politicians are not democrats at heart. Sir, how can you have democracy in Pakistan when the parties are just family business run by few families?

    GA: Are you satisfied with the political set up in Waziristan?

    Sir, no i am absolutely not satisfied with the set-up where Political Agent rules like a monarch.Sir, I would strongly support the introduction of Political Parties Act. It will help bringing FATA into the main political stream of this country.

    GA: ok thank you.

    Saud gohar (SG): In your application form picture you are moustached, now you are clean shaven. Why?

    Sir, i like playing with my moustache.One month i am moustachioed , next month i am clean shaven.

    They all laughed like a drain!!!!!!

    SG: What is the procedure for amending British Constitution?

    Sir, it can be amended by simple majority of present and voting.

    SG: What is the structure of criminal justice in Pakistan?

    Now this was a real 10000kg punch!!

    Sir,errr.....sir...err....judiciary...and..err...e rr...police...err err..

    SG: yes judiciary, police, and??? and then he told me other institutions like prison etc and gave me a minute long lecture and i was all ears to him, like an obedient Ghar jamai!

    SG: What police do in criminal system?

    sir, they investigate and procecute.

    SG: What prison reforms would you suggest?

    Sir, the prisoners should be educated that they can become good members of the society. They should be given education inside prison. There should be small shops and bakeries inside the prison where they could work and their products should be sold in market and the profit should be given back to them and Blah blah blah!!!!

    The End.
    what is life, nothing, but life.

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    Interview at Islamabad 2011

    her optional subjects were
    1. journalism,
    2. Us history
    3. Psychology.
    If you get to know any questions about them, do share please; and what are your optionals?

    A friend of mine has recently gone through her interview , she was asked questions from :
    1. ECONOMY
    • What is fiscal deficit?
    • How to Improve the economy of Pakistan?
    2. What sanctions were imposed on the diplomats of Pakistan by US?

    • Compare Maslow's self actualization with the self actualization of Iqbal.
    • What is vanni?
    5. Questions about her favorite personality and her favorite books.
    6. Questions from her bachelor degree, and the subjects she had taken in her bachelors.
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    Questions asked from candidates with Medical Background at islamabad in css 2010



    .why do u want to join civil services?
    .after mbbs and two years of job why are shifting career?
    . you seem quite professional from your job experience, arent you satisfied from your profession?
    .dont you think it will be a loss of a professional for the country?
    . why did you study mbbs then?


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    questions Asked from candidates with Geography as optional

    .you studied geography

    . where is aegean sea
    . tell me the geographic location of british isles.
    . what separates british isles from european continent.'
    .what is the geostrategic significance of gwadar.
    how would you introduce northernn areas of pakistan to westerner.
    . which is the largetst desert of the world.
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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    6-jan-2011. Islamabad

    optional subjects: Public administration, punjabi, socilogy, journalism, indopak history.

    panel :::
    Mr bhagwan das
    gen mr ovais
    mr saud gohar
    mr sohail safdar

    1. Mr bhagwan das

    what is ozone layer?
    Its ur second attempt why u have failed in first attempt?
    What strategy u have folllowed to make ur second attempt a success?
    What subjects u have changed in second attempt?
    What is wikkileaks?
    You have mentioned that u have leadership qualities and ur weaknesses are oversleeping and overeating? Justify
    reason for opting dmg group?
    What is the benefit of employees in an organization and how they should be treated?
    What type of dogs do u have and islam do not encourage having dogs in the house?
    Is their any dmg lady officer working in gujranwala?

    2. Mr sohail safdar

    what is public policy?
    What are the factors of public policy?
    What is od?
    Factors of organizational design?
    What is the benefit of studying public administration?
    In any organization whenever an audit takes place, to whom the auditor will report directly?


    who wrote muqaddamah?
    Works done by ibn-e-khuldun?
    What is asabiyah?
    What is social solidarity and how many sociologists have worked on it?
    What is group feeling?
    What are the things which unite a group or society?
    Why people oppose change?
    When any change occur in any society?
    Reason for french revolution?
    What is social change?
    Process of social change?
    Which thing leads to social change?

    Indo pak history

    how many deaths happen during 1947?


    shakespear of punjabi? It is waris shah
    what do u think is ur compatibility?

    3. Gen ovais

    what is madrassah system?
    Is their any difference between madrassah system and formal schooling?
    In madrassahs it is said extreemism is being teached come up with ur arguments on it?
    What is madrassah culture?
    Being a dmg what changes would u bring in madrassah system?
    From which school of thought ur teacher belong to?
    What is the difference between an ordinance and act?

    4. Mr saud gohar

    what is vip protocol?
    How vip culture effects the society?
    Where does hamas and hizbullah located?
    How much quota is present in parliament for women? And how much quota is their previoulsy?
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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    OK guys, here goes the story of my debacle of the decade.

    I don't remember all the questions, nor are most of my questions of any help to you guys, since they trampled me in the field of my hobbies, which are out of the scope of most of the others.

    1. Asked if i was a Baloch, my hometown, what my father did and what is he doing now. Also checked if my permanent address matched my domicile.

    2. Your hobby is date farming, tell us what is special about Ajwa dates?

    3. How do you feel about the governments plans of privatizing industry?

    4. Tell us about Sino-Indian, Sino-Pak and Sino-US trade.

    5. You say you speak (and only speak) 7 languages, take this verse (or whatever) and render a translation. (He misread, thinking i also spoke Persian).

    6. Okay, give us some poem of some famous Punjabi poet. (I speak, never read all those languages, and was thus utterly blank)

    7. Being a student of Geography, what are aborigines?

    8. What about Maoris?

    9. Why is International relations needed?

    10. What is the thrust of Pak's foreign policy?

    11. How do you percieve the role of journalists in this North African period of crisis?

    12. Don't you think they're doing injustice if not reporting a silent majority sitting in their homes?

    13.What is embedded journalism? When did it start?

    14. What is country snow line?

    15. How do you feel about Local Bodies?

    16. Where is Khojak Pass?

    17. How about Lowari Pass?

    18. Having done photography, what is the ASA and DIN of a reel?

    19. Where have you travelled after all?

    20. What is chamalang and what is its significance?

    21. Name a good travellogue? (Again i don't read, i just go out)

    22. From US History, asked some ''Battle of light ..'' something.

    23. Where in Pakistan is Marble extracted?

    24. What is the difference between marble of Nowshera and that of Chaghai?

    25.What do you know about Kosovo?

    26. WHo was Slobodan Milosevic and where is he now?

    27. How do you perceive the Indian Court decision on Babri Mosque?

    28. Have the muslims appealed to the Indian Supreme Court?

    29. What is Shuttle Diplomacy and Quiet Diplomacy?

    30. Difference between High Commission and Embassy?

    31. Pakistans top trade partners, in export and import.

    Sorry guys if i miss out on anything. They practically thrashed me bare in the field of my hobbies, though certainly in dimensions that were totally new to me. In subjects, touched each and every one, practically making me tour from Australia to Kosovo. My answers were generally short one or two liners, and they did not pursue me on any except for the role of journalists in Middle East.

    ----And thanks to everybody who had wished me best. Hope you get the best too.
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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    Optional subjects were economics, IR, US history, journalism n sociology..

    I am trying to recall all the questions, I hope I succeed in that!!

    After usual greetings mr. bhagwandas asked about the meaning of my name.. read about my profile--my final degree..then started off…

    What is economic development? (economics)
    Tell me about your favourite book?that led to a discussion on concept of spirituality n he asked u believe in miracles?n that do u visit Daata Darbar?
    What is ECO?
    Agencies of UN?
    India is asking for permanent seat in security council..u think it will get it?
    Did u appear again?why? were u not confident about your success?
    U have read IR, what were SEATO and CENTO?their demise?
    U have written in your weakness “none so far”, how come?

    SOhail Safdar:
    HDI? (economics)
    Wo is Robert fisk?have u read him?
    What is the role of madressahs n why people send their children there? What can we do to stop that?
    Can u tell about any quote or speech of a US president?

    Gen. Owais

    From your favourite books I can guess u r interested in tasawuf..what are various sufi orders?
    What are their differences n their similarities?
    What was their role in govt. in mughal era, british govt. and after establishment of Pakistan?
    What should be the role of religion in govt.?
    Equity Vs Bond?(economics)
    Father of US constitution?

    Saud Gohar:
    Arbitrage? (economics)
    debt trap? (economics)
    What would be the end game in Afghanistan?
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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    Structure of GCC
    Colombia-China issue
    The issue of Panama canal and China's interest in south america
    RGST and lack of debate
    Why do we need a documented economy
    IAEA and its profile
    Middle east crisis
    Indo-Pak:Reforms,policing,administration of sher shah suri
    Police order 2002
    Public safety comissions under Police order 2002.
    C-law,Difference between indian and pakistani constitution
    I-law if it is a weak law then do you think it is a law?
    I met three candidates.There was an engineer,a lawyer and a teacher.
    Both seemed satisfied.Though the panel's behaviour was strange.

    17th march.
    Today i met first two candidates at 10 am.

    Both were looking confident.They were appreciative of the panel's response.

    They were asked about

    Did they join any academy?
    Why they went for 2nd attempt?
    CSS salary is low because you people deserve this pay.Justify
    Winston Churchill?
    Police is on the brink of disaster.
    Why CSS?
    Bureaucracy is highly politicised?
    To one candidate they asked why you have omitted POLICE despite you mentioned it all the time as 1st preference
    Police and responsibility in Balochistan
    DMG and role as DCO
    Indian history is biased how long will we tell jokes to our people?
    Impact of ME-crisis and social change
    Balochistan and killing of women
    Balochistan and the ransom racket
    Who is involved in Balochistan?
    Fiscal Deficit
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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    Questions Regarding My optionals:

    - Asoka, Chandar gupt Moriya
    - Condition of sub-continent before arrival of Islam
    - Was Mahmood Ghazni a dacoit?
    - Lodhi Dynasty
    - Sher Shah Suri reforms/ comparison with Akbar
    - Akbar's Din-e-Illahi
    - Reasons of downfall of Mughals,
    - Comparison of Mughals and Britishers (Were both invaders? Why Mughals established there hold so quickly, while for Britishers it took quite a time?)
    - Pani pat wars
    - Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq, Tipu Sultan
    - Bhagat Singh
    - Rowlat Act, Jalilanwala Bagh incident
    - Khilafat Movement
    - Cabinet Mission Plan
    - Nehru Report, 14 points
    - Mount Baten Plan
    - Why Britishers' left Indo-Pak?
    - One Unit Plan
    - Till when we'll be teaching the tempered history to our coming generations?

    - Suez Canal
    - Panama Canal
    - Strait of Hormuz
    - Niagra fall
    - Great Canyons
    - Somalian piracy
    - Pakistan's main deserts
    - Monabao railway station
    - Reco dik
    - longest railway track
    - Junipar forests
    - Pak forest area, and problem of deforestation

    - How many poets wrote 'Heer'? Name them.
    - Tappa, Mahiya, Dholey, Lory, etc
    - Name the sufi poets
    - Dhuley Di War
    - Shah Hussain di kafi

    - Imp Journalists (Robert Fisk, Daniel Pearl, Bob Woodward)
    - Abul Kalam Azad's role in partition
    - Is anchor a journalist?
    - Embedded Journalism, Collaborative Journalism, Investigative Journalism
    - Difficulties of yesterday's and present day's journalists.

    Questions Regarding Top Preference:
    - Why you want to join this group?
    - Why you consider yourself suitable for this group?
    - Devise some concrete steps how you'll improve the performance of this group?
    - How you'll deal with corruption as DPO/DCO?
    - Why the image of Police is not good among the people?
    - Local Government Ordinance 2000?
    - How you'll improve thana culture?
    - Why young officers do corruption?
    - Public Safety Commission?
    - Police Order 2002, whats new in it?
    - What if your PM/President ask you to do something illegal?
    - How you can minimize political interference as an officer?
    - Community Policing Concept
    - Cognizable & non-cognizable offence difference
    - How you'll stop extra-judicial killings as an ASP?
    - As an ambassador, what will you do if your country men are caught illegally entering the other country/ if your country's diplomat is found guilty of some crime?

    Questions Regarding Economy:
    - Whats GDP? Pakistan GDP, and its growth rate?
    - Fiscal deficit, current account deficit
    - Pak Import/Export figures, trade deficit, balance of payment
    - Total debt, debt servicing amount?
    - RGST, Documentation of economy?
    - Tax to GDP ration, ways to increase tax collection
    - Pak Foriegn reserves, ways to increase them
    - China's economic success, its main factors? Factors behind India's emerging economy?
    - Benazir Income Support Program
    - Flood Surcharge, recent Mini-budget
    - Problems of developing state
    - Why Pakistan take loans?
    - Pak- Afghan transit trade
    - HDI? What are its parameters? Who invented this measure?
    - Pakistan's number on Corruption index?
    - Inflation in Pakistan, how to control it?
    - Trickle down effect.

    Current Affairs:
    Most of the current affairs questions are from the Dawn newspaper of past 1-2 days, and the day of interview, so thoroughly go through them, and get at least the surface knowledge of issues discussed therein?
    Some important questions which are repeated many times are listed here to give you people an idea of what kind of questions are being asked.
    - Libiya Air strikes, whats your opinion on it?
    - Importance of M.E revolutions, and its future?
    - West's dual policy towards Bahrain, and Libya. Why is it so?
    - Role played by GCC? its composition and functions?
    - Lisbon treaty?
    - M.E crisis' impact on Pak economy?
    - China's interests in Africa, and South America?
    - Cricket Diplomacy
    - International Court of Justice?
    - Federal Shariat Court
    - Whats going on in Columbia?
    - 18th, 19th amendment
    - Parliamentary Committee, and Judicial Commission (on judges appointment case)
    - Chairman NAB's appointment, how improve NAB's performance?
    - What's main social issue of Pakistan
    - Pak Saudia, Pak India relations?
    - Future of Afghanistan/ Obama's troops withdrawal plan. Pak's interest in Afghanistan?
    - Competition Commission of Pakistan
    - Camp David Accord
    - Balochistan issue, solutions?
    - Iran's internal and external issues?

    Besides these do thoroughly cover possible questions related to your psychological test, your district history, your academic career, and your current job. Do carefully go through the DAWN of last 2 days at least. Most of the optionals, and current affair questions are repeated ones.

    And don't be afraid of dropping the questions, if you don't know the answers to them. Of all the people i have met, all of them have dropped few questions, and it is quite natural. We are not encyclopedias after all! They have tested our knowledge, now they are just testing our personality, confidence level, pressure taking ability and communication skills. So do focus on these.

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    Re: Questions Asked in CSS Interview Session 2010

    Optionals: Indopak History, Journalism, Sociology, Int Law, Muslim Law
    Well it was my interview today, it started on 9:36 am and I was 2nd to go.

    When I entered Mr. BD was looking down and Sohail Safdar had eyes on me I greeted and he allowed me to sit and feel comfortable.
    SS: Feel very easy, just like your home. Ok!!!

    Interview starts then;

    Bhagwan Das

    BD: Mr. Malik Rashid Nemat, why do you spell Rashad then Rashid.
    Told the reason behind.

    BD: You look quite younger so what was so early to pop into Civil Services.
    Me: Sir I don’t think its early, yes it is rather brighter chance for somebody to pass if he appears during his education career because he is decently in touch with his regular studies so he can give proper time to CSS as well.

    BD: In your psycho proforma your question no 7 and 44 are really out of focus, we asked your childhood deprivation and you wrote you weren’t allowed for trips in school times (Roars of laughters)
    I don’t find his any reason to laugh on this ans.
    Me: Sir my father has been little more strict during my school life and he rarely allowed me to leave Lahore as he disliked my going with school trips everytime while rest of fellows used to be allowed promptly for trips…

    BD: You chose PSP, why, how and when did you think you’re suitable
    Me: Told

    BD: (Interrupted) No I asked what special you can give to PSP
    Me: (I was replying rightly) (Continued the broken answer and at the end he showed very discontented face and at times laughed)

    BD: Gentleman your psycho proforma says you have good approach to national international events, so lets talk on your subjects. International Law, how is this subject what you learnt?
    (My God!! I again had prepared lot of events and very few optional)
    Me: Told

    BD: What is Piracy of High seas
    Me: Told the definition of Piracy

    BD: Tell me about ICJ
    Me: Told

    BD: No tell me in detail, each and every thing, has pakistan ever any petition filed into it.
    Me: Told upto 2 sentences and 2nd part I didn’t know so he looked quite weird

    BD: What is economy of Pakistan, its basic problems, how will you eradicate it
    ME: Told 3 tiers solution and when (I was riding on the sentences with good approach he jumped in)

    BD: Don’t give me bookish details
    Me: Ok sir. I gave point of views of research journals and experts and theories regarding our economic failure.( When I was speaking 4th or 5th sentence he again jumped in)

    BD: Leave it. Tell me you have Selected as Fav Mr. Tariq Parvez Ex-DG FIA. How on earth he can be ur fav
    Me: Sir he was a great name in PSP, he demolished sectarianism blab la, gave almost 3-4 good arguments

    BD: People of khizdar, Blaochistan and KPK, they don’t know any Tariq Parvez, how ll u justify him as ur fav as he doesn’t hold that significant impact
    Me: Sir even Imran khan, and Bill Clinton maynot be known by thousands of people in Pakistan so we can not judge people as our favourite according to fame. I idealise him to be a police officer of his rank.

    BD: Tell me people who spread love and affection among people in history
    Me: I told people who struggled for independence, love and reforms taught us about tolerance, love.

    BD: Name them
    Me: Parveen Shakir wrote a lot on it, Faiz struggled for it and few others (interrupted) when i started telling about great people who fought for equal rights like bhagat singh

    BD: Who is he when he executed and why he was

    Me: Told date and his life span

    BD: What are other ones along with him who were executed and at what time they were hanged
    Me: Time ka idea nahin tha but told the other two were hindus

    BD: You wrote you will be minimum 18 Grade officer in some Govt sector in any organization.(Started laughing like hell) Yar people aspire being a greater status oriented officer, you just aspire for 18th grade.
    Me: Sir in proforma there was time limit of 10 years and I wrote keeping time in my mind minimum 18th grade because realistically I can not aspire being a president of Pakistan or IGP in just 10 years time span.

    BD: You said you are fit for this job as to which characteristic keeping in mind
    Me: Sir I like the challenging task and PSP is a challenging service so ….

    (Popped in and Sohail safdar started)
    (He is a real villain, he is biting every guy and he starts with sharp nails and ends with soaring questions, a great man to degrade you there)

    SS: You’re a history LOVER, you have written in proforma, tell me About Hazrat Yousuf
    Me: (I had written I like history not lover and 4m where he brought Hazrat Yousuf in Indian history I don’t know) Told details of his life

    SS: Tell me his different phases
    Me: Told

    SS: No gentleman!! Zulekha phase and You told he was sold in egypt markets, you should have told 18 derhams on which he was sold. You told he became head of Egypt no he became Ruler

    SS: What is Tax to GDP ratio and its exact measure of today
    Me: I told that today’s measure I don’t know (but he insisted no tell me of today)

    SS: What is FBR’s total deficit
    Me: Told

    SS: What is FDI of 2011 uptill today
    Me: Didn’t have exact figures.

    SS: you must remember all these figures of daily variations….
    SS: Law and order and its implications?

    Me: Told in detail

    SS: What is flight of capital
    Me: Told

    SS: What do you think is your contribution towards your society
    Me: I told in detail

    SS: Who is Ashoka, his reign and clan
    Me: told

    Gen Ovais

    Gen: Rashid! Do Pakistan have public safety commission and if it is here then what it is and how characteristic it is?
    Me: Told in detail

    Gen: Tell me how will you see this targeted killings in Karachi and what is target killing
    Me: Told def and political confrontations and their subsidiary wing involved in it

    Gen: Why have you chosen police service and why do you aim for authority
    Me: I told legitimate authority I had written not power and police service k baray me bataya

    Gen: Current account and Blance of payments in Pakistan
    Me: I told about them and we had debate over it.

    Gen: What is forensic science?
    Me: Finger prints and thumb impression science and I knew so told in detail

    Gen: How can investment come in Pakistan tell me what govt needs to do
    Me: Halwa question I started good and when I was telling they stopped me and referred to SG

    Saud Gohar

    SG: Mr. Malik you wrote in ur drawbacks that you’re extra ordinarily social.How is it ur weakness
    Me: I TOLD IT is drawback at times when you don’t want to talk but you still have to continue talking with people to keep things normal

    SG: So it becomes hectic then why do you keep so any people in contact
    Me: Sir it happens to be generally much more beneficial then a loss at times in emergency situations. So I like being more social

    SG: You have written that once you’re given the authority you will do better for the people in general in what sense?
    Me: Sir I believe that the accountability of a Civil Servant should be more strict and people expect more from them then the elected representatives because they are the one who really implement if I got PSP I will definitely justify my selection and practically will adhere to oath that I would take.

    SG: Suppose you have 2 stars and you’re vested with a clean uniform, you already have authority my dear! Why do you need more.
    Me: Sir I m sorry to say but I think I am being interpreted wrong by this sentence I meant by authority that if I got selected in PSP

    SG: Keep the previous supposition and you’re and SP Sheikhupura range you are given a situation to do illegal task by IGP in the quickest possible time at any cost. What will you do?
    Me: Sir I will analyze the situation if it is according to legitimate rules then I will adhere to his rules otherwise I will try my best to convince IGP about the future repercussions of this act.

    SG: If he is not convinced which I know he will not as an SP, you can not convince an IGP then what will you do
    Me: Sir I will try my best to reconcile the situation and avoid that particular work but if IGP insists and doesn’t get any convincing move then I will deny the orders and what so ever punishment he will givei will be ready.

    SG: So you will be ready to serve being and OSD sitting in your home serving society
    Me: Yes sir it is much more better for somebody to sit home and not do anything better for people rather to take law into his hands, being himself protector of law, and ruining indirectly social moralities and somebody’s rights.

    SG: Hmmmm tell me about your career so forth and banking contribution to our country
    Me: Told

    SG: What are prudential regulations?
    Me: Told and had little debate over it

    SG: Media of these days and 20 years back and both facing challenges, what you say?
    Me: I started with private channels and their bad role and the print media these days and PTV and print media harassed decades ago and then told that sometimes in the wake of freedom of expression media spreads propaganda, yellow journalism, sensationalism and many ill-mannered depression causing news just to alter the opinion of general public. It certainly faces challenges like Geo sports recently faced in WC and Punjab assembly had passed a resolution regarding Restrictions on media and Pemra……

    SG: Gentleman it was nice meeting you thank you

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