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Thread: indo pak history paper 2012

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    indo pak history paper 2012

    History of Pakistan And India
    paper 1

    Part 2

    Q2. "Conquest of sind produced everlasting results not only in sindh but also in al over the South asia" discuss.

    Q3. " Sham-ud-din iltutmish organizedthe adminstration in newly conquered territories as a loose decentralizad system in which high noble were treated as the peers of king". discuss.

    Q4. " ghiyasuddin balban managedthe defence of the country against the foreign agression and internal danger but called for re-organization of administrationto make it effective".comment.

    Q5.Estimate the charater and achievements of zahee ud din baber.

    Q6. Highlight the role of noor jahan in the reign of jahangir.

    Q7. Give a study of origin and teaching of chistiyya order.

    Q8. Give an anaytical study of centrak administration of mughals.

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    indo pak history paper 2012

    History of Pakistan and India

    paper 2

    Part 2

    Q2. Give an account of the arrival of the English in subcontinent. Trace, historically the the manner in which they succeeded in establishing factories and trade centre in indo Pakistan. Also the circumstances which forced the east India company to assume the shape of power from peace ful trade company.

    Q3. Give your views about the exact nature of the revolt of 1857. was it a syp mutiny, a conspiracy or a war of independence?

    Q4. Examine Aligarh movement and services rendered by sir syed ahmed khan to the uplift the educational services for the awakening of the muslims of sub continent.

    Q5. what were the conditions which necessitated the partition of Bengal in 1905? What was th reaction of the hindus and muslims shown towards the partition?

    Q6.” The initial years of Pakistan were very crucial for its existence”. Discuss.

    Q7. “Frequent military interventions are the basic cause of failure of democracy in Pakistan”. Discuss.

    Q8. Give the importance of objective revolution in the history of constitution making in Pakistan.

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    solved Mcq's indo pak history paper II 2012

    MCQs of Ind o Pak Paper II

    1. Shah Waliullah translated Holy Quran in ...... language

    2. All India Muhammadan Educational Conference was formed by Sir syed in...

    3. Ist session of All India Muslim League was held at.....

    4. Day of delieverance was observed on
    22 December 1939

    5. Poor man's budget in india just before partition was presented by...
    Liaquat Ali Khan

    6. Annulment of Bengal
    12 december 1911

    7. Cripps visited India on.....
    122 March 1942

    8. Z.A Bhutto took oath as 4th president on....
    none of these (20 december 1971 was not option)

    9. 18th amendment passed in year....

    10. Who was Governor General of Indo Pakistan during Ist Afghan war...
    Lord Auckland (1836-1842)

    11. Lord dalhouise introduced doctrine that in absence of natural heirs the
    states will be annexed to company rule, it is called as......
    Doctrine of lapse

    12. ......... designed the mausoleum of Quaid-e-azam
    Yahya merchent

    13. The first state to join Pakistan after the independence....

    14. sada e pakistan secret newspaper published from....

    15. Earlier It was decided that India will be given dominion status which shall
    comprise ..... states
    2 3 4 5

    16. Quaid-e-Azam joined the Lincoln's Inn in......

    17. Urdu Hindi Controversy started in the year....

    18. Name the personality which lived in the period 1817-1898 A.D....
    Sir Syed Ahmed khan

    19. name of head of boundary commision
    Cyril red cliff

    20. Which charter act allowed indians to join civil services....
    Charter act of 1833

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