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Thread: books for compulsory papers

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    books for compulsory papers

    English(Precis & Composition)
    1. Exploring the world of English
    2. BA (english) Test papers specially if one can get of Punjab
    3. Direct Indirect made easy
    4. Active passive made easy.

    Everyday Science

    Everyday Science Advance (Imtiaz Shahid)
    Dogars Unique Everyday Science MCQs

    Current Affairs

    DAWN newspaper

    Contemporary Affairs by Imtiaz Shahid
    (atleast 2 or 3 latest additions as it is series)

    Pakistan Affairs

    Imtiaz Shahids or Rabbani Pak affairs
    Struggle for Pakistan by I H Qereshi
    British raj in india


    In English

    Islam at a galnce by Islahi
    Towards Islamiyat byDoggar Sons

    Islamic ideology by SM Shahid

    For last ten Suras Any good Tafseer

    In Urdu
    Islami Nazriya i hayath by Professor Khursheed Ahmad
    for ten Suras Any Tafseer better is that of Maududi Sahab but u have to squeez it a lot.
    Beside that articles on Islamic topics in on Friday in Daily Dawn and I think also in The News.

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