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Thread: Durban Platform , Durban Agreement

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    Durban Platform , Durban Agreement

    Durban Platform

    The agreement made between governments on climate change in the month of December 2011 is called as Durban platform. It was attended by most of the nations of the world in Durban, city of south africa.
    The governments struck deals to cut off carbon emission by 2020 . Climate data from UN agencies indicate that the accumulation of heat trapping gases will rise to such levels over the next eight years that the planet will be on the course of collision.
    After Koyoto protocol in 1997 expires , Durban platform will be called as another landmark in the best interest of the planet earth to save it from the effect of climate changes..
    The climate analyst hold china as responsible for the major carbon emission in the world and demand from china to shut its installations which use coal as source of energy..
    According to scientist china , USA and India are the world biggest contributor of carbon dioxide in the environment. All them cite their domestic interest as defence against the blame .
    To curb the menace of climate change all the nations will have to workout a concrete policy. Not only formulating policy would do all the work but a complete adherence to policy details will be required.
    Green house projects will be required through out the world. and countries , developed or developing, will be required to switch to other clean source of energy and will need decrease their dependence on fossil fuels.

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