What is Farm Mechanization?

Farm mechanization means the use of mechanical technology in various farming operation like sowing, harvesting, trashing, watering, spraying and weeding etc.

Types of Mechanization:

There are three types of agricultural mechanization.
  1. chemical technology: It includes fertilizers, pesticides, sprays. which includes plant protection measures.
  2. hydrological technology: like tube-wells.
  3. Mechanical Technology: Like tractors, thrashers , bulldozers etc.
Advantages of farm mechanization:
  1. it encourages multiple cropping which is not possible by traditional methods.
  2. It will reduce dependence upon animal power.
  3. Diversion of land from growing fodder for animal to food crops.
  4. greater area comes under cultivation.
  5. There will be timely water supply and spraying etc.
  6. Cost of production of crops will be minimized.
  7. increase in income due to decrease in pre and post harvest losses.
Why farm Mechanization is opposed:
  1. it will create farm unemployment
  2. the migration of labour from the mechanized farm sector to the cities create problems of urbanization.
  3. it will divert capital from non-agricultural sector to agriculture.