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Thread: Mullah,s muhammadan law

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    Mullah,s muhammadan law

    sohnyo seniaro
    minno nai chaai da d.f mullah, siddi tay saf jai gall a ..
    Mera matlab a k j banday nu f.d mullah day style naal chirr hovay tay bndaa f.d mullah di kitaab na parhna chhay tay hor koi changa likhari nai muhammaden law da?
    Minu jawad dyo... Odeeking

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    Re: Mullah,s muhammadan law

    AOA. You should be aware of that the Islamic Shariah is the only way to success here in world and after world (akhrat or Judgement day), so you should learn it and know how Islam tells us to spend our life. Thanks

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