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    Aslam Alaekum to all the vibrant and enthusiastic aspirant of CSS.In 2012 CSS paper there came a dazzling qiestion regarding Sir Syed Ahmed Khan it is ( Sir Syed Ahmad Khan believed in "Trinity of ideas" i.e loyalty,devotion and aloofness".Discuss it in perspective of his reformation movement).Kindly solve the riddle what does the writer mean by trinity of ideas.
    Furqanullah Abbasi

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    Re: Pakista Affairs

    Brother its very easy. Loyalty means, he wanted the muslims to be loyal to britishers and accept them temporarily as rulers and stop hating them and hurting them for the time being. He wanted muslims to be honest in their dealings with britishers.
    devotion means he wanted muslims to devote themselves to seek education and compete hindus for political and economic upliftment.
    aloofness means that initially he wanted the muslims to stay away from politics because he felt muslims were not intellectual and educated enough to compete the britishers and hindus and would not be able to uderstand and absorb the complexities of politics. So he told them to stay away initially and just focus on education and making their image better as civilised and social nation.